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The numbers are staggering!  1 in 8 women will be diagnosed! Look around the room which woman that you know will be fighting for her life?  Fighting the battle against breast cancer?  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and yes the numbers are eye opening!

The numbers caught up with my family. How about yours?  If you missed my first two posts on my save the TaTa’s series you can click here and here.

What are a few things we can do for ourselves that can help prevent breast cancer?

1. Go Bra Free

2.  Use a dry skin brush

3.  Massage with a little love

4.  Choose not to beautify with poison

5.  Sip on some detox magic!

It is time to start preventing!  You can read the entire article here from Mind Body Green.  I found it very interesting!

Early detection is still the key and will play a huge part in the cure if caught early.  We must take care of ourselves and get in the practice of breast self exams.  Any lumps or areas where the skins feels like it has thickened should be reported to your doctor.  Yearly mammograms after the age of 40 are still recommended.



So Kitty and I are on part 3 of her TaTa journey and I wanted to catch you all up.  The actual surgery was August 28th and the bilateral mascetomy was performed.  There was a definite cancerous mass in her left breast and some mysterious cells in the right breast.  She made the decision to have them both removed and move on.  The procedure took most of the day.  First with the cancer surgeon and then next with the plastic surgeon.  Kitty is one of those that has taken great care of herself and exercise and dance are a huge part of her life.  In the battle of breast cancer though this left little extra skin and fat left for the reconstruction.  Instead the doctor inserted expanders under her new shiny skin. She has visited him weekly to have the area filled with a solution that is stretching the skin so that she will be ready for implants.  This is Kitty and I the morning after.  Not bad!  I of course spent the night with her and played private duty nurse.  I did not go to Atlanta to leave her in the care of strangers, no way!


The testing is done and the cancer is gone!  Removing the right breast as well was a great move as the final testing showed it was full of pre-cancer cells.  No chemo is needed and one medication daily for the next 5 years will help to ensure her cancer free status!  No genetic markers were found so her daughter is clear but they were able to determine that long time use of birth control pills is the leading factor to her breast cancer.  Food for thought…



One of the great things about October is all the PINK.  I love to take advantage of it and many of the products are giving back to provide funds for more cancer research.  One of my favorites as a runner is the Heart and Sole socks from MySoxyFeet!  Run on over and check out these beautiful socks to celebrate every day!  MySoxyFeet donates a portion of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  This company too has been touched by breast cancer.


Remember me must take care of the girls, the TaTa’s, our boobies or whatever you may refer to them as  :)  Your life depends on it!

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October 13, 2014 — Melissa Corp

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