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As an avid runner, I know how important it is to stay inspired, and at times, just how difficult that can be as life gets in the way. Challenges big and small can become easy excuses that keep my running shoes tucked away in the closet awaiting the next sunny day.


It's on these days that I am so very grateful for the many friends and family in my life who motivate me to be my best. They are the ones who face challenges head-on and not only pick themselves up again, but also push beyond to celebrate life with exuberance. They are the reason I run every day and my muse for creating My Soxy Feet. I looked down one gloomy day contemplating my run and was struck that my boring white running socks were a perfect blank canvas for inspiration.

Each pair of our high quality running socks is an ode to someone who has helped me understand the interplay between challenge and joy. So on those days when excuses are looming, I hope that these colorful socks inspire you to get out and run.

Melissa Corp
Founder and CEO