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My Soxy Feet: The Sock You Now Need

A sock is a sock, just as a shoe is a shoe. But we all can admit that we are picky and selective when it comes down to which shoes feel right. Today, the sock that we buy also has to have the ‘right feel’. And My Soxy Feet has taken the challenge with both feet by creating a sock that pleases any foot.

Known for their high quality and comfort, @MySoxyFeet has used a design to alleviate the "wet sock" problem that runners and action-goers face when training. In addition, sole cushion has been provided and a mesh-top allows for ventilation. Essentially, this sock has been created for comfort, durability, and guaranteed satisfaction. Included in your purchase of a pair of socks is a one-year warranty! What company does that...seriously...MY Soxy Feet.

Buying a pair of socks has changed over the years because originally, the only options were white and black. Then, new colors evolved. From that came designs and tie-dye socks. And then pictures on socks. Well, My Soxy Feet has created a motivational saying on each sock with bright, eye-catching colors!

So, stop stumbling while trying to take off your damp, smelly socks and pick up a pair of MySoxyFeet socks!

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August 28, 2015 — Melissa Corp

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