Between "athleisure" fashion and supplements galore, it's clear that exercise is very trendy. So trendy, in fact, that there's an overwhelming amount of information and equipment available on the subject. Whether you're a first-timer or a longtime gym-goer, here are some essential items to increase your performance and maximize your results.

Workout Clothing

Head to Toe: Essential Gear for Fitness Enthusiasts

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The most important factors in selecting workout wear are comfort, breathability, and fit. Your clothing should move and flex with you, as well as wick away sweat. Women should give special consideration when selecting sports bras to select quality materials that provide enough support without being restricting. The key here is to never choose fashion over function! Other clothing accessories can include compression undergarments, headbands, and weightlifting gloves, depending on your needs or the activity. Check out our few apparel items on our website including our tank tops and lightweight jacket.


Head to Toe: Essential Gear for Fitness Enthusiasts

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Athletic shoes are arguably the most important part of your workout routine as they can significantly impact your experience and results. Again, your shoes should be well-fitting, comfortable and breathable. Select shoes that are appropriate to the activity you're engaging in — believe it or not, there are different types of gym shoes for different activities. For example, running shoes provide more cushioning and support than weight training shoes.

Time and care should be spent selecting shoes that fit you properly in every way, including width and arch support to ensure maximum comfort and decrease the likelihood of injury. If you're not sure how to select the best shoes for you, visit a shoe store specializing in athletic shoes. But no pair of shoes is complete without the right socks — visit the My Soxy Feet store to browse our selection of fun and functional athletic socks.

Water Bottle

Head to Toe: Essential Gear for Fitness Enthusiasts

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When you exercise, you sweat. And when you sweat, you lose water. If you lose too much water, you can become dehydrated. Dehydration can cause and worsen post-workout muscle soreness, muscle cramping, light-headedness, fatigue, and heat exhaustion — to name a few. To summarize? Never hit the gym without a water bottle. Public water fountains are all well and good, but the truth is that you’re likely to drink more water from a personal water bottle than from the fountain. For best results, use a protein shaker bottle for an all-in-one solution to getting water during your workout, then following it with an electrolyte supplement or protein drink afterward.

Activity Trackers

Head to Toe: Essential Gear for Fitness Enthusiasts

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When used regularly, an activity tracker can kick your fitness regimen up a notch and motivate you to stay with a program. There are many options out there, so be sure to select one with features that match what you're looking for and are easy to use. If you're not sure about a wearable activity tracker, there are many activity tracking apps that you can incorporate into your routine.


Head to Toe: Essential Gear for Fitness Enthusiasts

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A smartphone can make your workouts more enjoyable and efficient from playing your power lifting playlist to timing your Tabata workout. A cell phone is also handy for keeping track of your workout routines each day, researching and collecting new routines and timing your sets.


Having the proper clothing and equipment can make all the difference in your workout routine. When searching for workout clothing, make sure it's well-fitting, comfortable and breathable. Electronics and activity trackers can improve your results, just make sure you select one you like and use its features to get creative with your workouts.