As the weather cools off and the days get shorter, many runners may be forced indoors for their workouts. Fortunately, you do not need a fancy gym to stay in shape. Even inexpensive home gyms can get the job done and help you reach all of your fitness goals if you are creative with how you spend your money and use your space. Here are four easy ways to create a home gym without breaking the bank:

Check the Sales/Circulars

Exercise equipment and accessories often go on sale around the holidays because retailers are looking to capitalize on consumers setting fitness goals for the new year. Consumer Reports explains, “January is usually a good time to buy treadmills and ellipticals, but consumers can also find huge deals before the winter season and holidays because stores are trying to make room for those bigger sales in a couple months.” Be sure to shop around and check prices before you make big purchases. Black Friday is often an ideal time to get a gauge on the best prices of the season and pull the trigger.

Look at Second-Hand Items

Resale sites are ideal places to purchase gently-used gym equipment. It does not take long for some people to realize that they do not need a particular piece of equipment. Checking sites like eBay and Craigslist can lead to great deals on products if you know what you are looking to buy. Verywell Fit recommends, “look for brands or models you are already comfortable with, don’t just buy something because it’s a good deal or it’s convenient. You should also check for any kind of damage, excessive wear, or other defects.” The best time to shop for second-hand home gym products is shortly after the new year when people let go of their resolutions and decide to sell their equipment.

Buy in Bulk

When putting together a home gym, do not forget to inquire with vendors about the possibility of a bulk discount. According to NordicTrack Coupon, “often you can get discounts based on how much you spend. So it may be worth it to save up and buy a lot all at once.” For example, a big box retailer may throw in extra gym accessories with a large purchase such as a treadmill or offer a percentage discount. By buying all of your equipment from one place, you will save time and also possibly save money in the process.

Think Small

You do not need a high-tech weight machine to make an impact. Money Crashers emphasizes, “you don’t need to buy gimmicky or trendy infomercial products. Choose multipurpose products that are time tested and affordable. For example, jump ropes deliver a killer cardio workout, and generally cost less than $20.” A simple pair of resistance bands, a set of dumbbells, and a stability ball are all inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment that will yield great results when used properly. A good yoga mat is also an invaluable addition to any home gym because it can be used for a variety of stretching and strength-building exercises. 

With a little research and creativity, you can stock your home gym with all of the necessary equipment needed to stay in top-notch running shape.

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October 03, 2018 — Brian Maniscalco

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