• Beer Runner

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  • Description

    Sock Overview:
    Our socks are securely woven with Cool Max, Ecomade fibers, to keep feet dry and sweet NOT sweat smelling, mesh top to allow ventilation and extra sole cushion for comfort and durability. The sole cushion provides comfort as well as protects the foot on impact.  The Nylon and Lycra secure sock in place "Beer Runner" socks are constructed with the athlete in mind and are sure to enhance your performance.
     What we are made of:
    "Beer Runner" socks are made from 59% CoolMax Ecomade fibers, 31% Nylon, 8% Polyester and 2% Lycra.
    What we are good for:
    Our customers love our athletic socks for multi sports: Running, Walking, Tennis, Cycling, etc. They are for the sports enthusiast who knows if you look good, you play good. Not to mention they are enjoyable for post exercise relaxation


    Beer Runner